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We are young people working to improve our music skills there are currently 5 members: Cobain Ambrose on drums and guitar, Alex Browning Hunt on guitar, Elle Stone and Ruby Poole on vocals and Siobhan Tovey on Vocals and bass. We also have Dylan Shearman as our roadie, Andre as our engineer and All Saints youth project as our organisers and managers. We also work with Mike and Tom who help us to improve and help us with any problems that may occur. We are hoping you will follow us on our journey!

In this awesomely designed website, all of the activity of the All Saints Youth Project will be up to read, watch and enjoy. There will be cool pics of us, Amazing videos and interesting posts to see in the activity section. Stay up to date and don’t be a stranger!

Saints Reborn Members

Siobhan Tovey (Shovel)

Instrument: Voice and Bass Guitar

Cobain Ambrose (Cobana)

Instrument: Drums and Guitar

Alex Browining Hunt (Alison)

Instrument: Voice and Guitar

Elle Stone (Nelly)

Instrument: Voice

Ruby Poole (RubyBooby)

Instrument: Voice

All Saints Youth Project

Our managers and supporters

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Facebook: SaintsReborn

Instagram: @saints_reborn

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